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The LCA Centre

The LCA Centre specialises in scientific studies of the environmental impact of packaging. During our independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach we analyse the entire life-cycle of a pack, from the extraction of the raw materials until the end of the product’s life. We help in formulating your environmental claims and answer all your questions related to current packaging issues and current topics, such as sustainability, legislation, materials, cost savings and eco-innovation.

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As the specialist in environmental impact assessments for packaging and disposable items, The LCA Centre provides support for all your packaging related questions. Our packaging expertise allows us to conduct independent scientific studies as well as to assist packaging developers, manufacturers, suppliers and users in making the optimal packaging choices. Interactive training and workshops are available to fully support the promotion of sustainable packaging across your company and your stakeholders.


The way we think is, to a great extent, dictated by the people who raise us, our surroundings, advertising and the media. So, most of us have learned that paper is more environmentally-responsible than plastic, that buying fruit and vegetables without packaging is better and that recycled is better than new. But is this all true?
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Research is at the heart of our approach. In our laboratory we analyse materials and calculate the environmental impact of packaging and disposables. The results provide developers, manufacturers, users or suppliers, with a clear understanding of the environmental burden of their packaging.
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Innovation is at the root of all growth and development and should be given high priority in every organisation. In our rapidly developing society, knowledge and technology is evolving at a fast pace. You need to keep up and avoid falling behind; it is for that reason that innovation is a core value of The LCA Centre.
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Finding the perfect packaging for your product is not easy. There are many aspects that have to be considered. Packaging should not only be functional and safe, it also needs to be user friendly, attractive, informative, ergonomic and affordable. Packaging must also comply with the associated legislation.
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Case studies

The LCA Centre provides advice and support to packaging developers, food manufacturers and processors, educational institutions, local and governmental authorities and all other packaging stakeholders, both large and small. Do you want credible insight into the true environmental impact of your packaging choice? Do you want insight and clarity with regard to the facts surrounding sustainability and address the myths and folklore so often associated with sustainability? Do you want to eco innovate and make responsible packaging choices? Read our case studies and find out how our research, study and training can help you with all your packaging and environment related issues.

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How do you measure sustainability? Is it viable to follow your gut feeling, or are there established methods for measuring sustainability? Is there such a thing as a sustainable package? Is it logical that you have to pay more for packaging that is more environmentally efficient? What legislation and regulations are applicable for packaging? And what exactly does eco-innovation involve? Sustainability and the environment, as relates to packaging, are topics of ever increasing importance, raising many questions of the type addressed daily by The LCA Centre.

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