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About The LCA Centre

As qualified and independent researchers in the field of packaging and the environment we have an extensive and practical knowledge base. We address studies covering every type of packaging from cosmetic, confectionary and food packaging to bulk packaging; covering all material and composite types and all manufacturing process. Extensive studies have been made covering food service disposables and sanitary disposable items. All common end-of-life scenarios have also been addressed over the years.

Our core values

For us the positive contribution towards the preservation of our planet, that resource efficiency achieves, is an important motivation in carrying out our work. We also place great value on specialist knowledge, reliability, transparency and independence. These aspects are reflected in our core values.


The LCA Centre is the specialist in the conducting Life Cycle Assessments (comprehensive environmental impact identification studies) for packaging and disposables. Our knowledge of packaging is combined with our expertise in the field of laboratory studies and analyses for reducing the environmental impact. We carry out the LCA studies in accordance with the ISO standards. Thanks to our knowledge of compliance (with the legislation and regulations in the field of packaging) we can also give practical and clear advice.


To ensure an accurate result we carry out the studies in our own laboratory using an independent study method to test materials and their functionality. Our own, unique analysis software, paLCAs, guarantees a reliable conclusion. This software complies with the standards specified for determining an LCA, such as ISO 14040, 14044 and PAS2050. The Natuur & Milieu Foundation (Nature & Environment) supports our LCA study.


We present all our scientific analyses, studies and advice in an accessible, concise and clear report. You can, therefore, always trace, check and test the results of our studies. We are also an ISO 9001:2008 certificated research institution and work entirely in compliance with international guidelines. Should a customer wish to make an environmental claim to third parties based on our LCA, they are underwritten by pear review.


We have no materials, process or national bias, we have no commercial interest in the manufacture of particular type of packaging. This means we can carry out our studies independently and give objective advice. Natuur & Milieu is fully behind and has approved our approach.


We operate as an independent company within the PACOMBI GROUP and offer our clients the necessary confidentiality. It is common for studies to require the signing of a non-disclosure agreement.

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