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Bio+ is a reliable organic brand with a wide range of tasty, natural products that are prepared and treated with respect for people, animals and our living environment.

Bio+: milk packaging with the lowest environmental impact

A sustainable product deserves a sustainable packaging. This idea dovetails perfectly with the business philosophy of organic food brand Bio+. To be able to justify its choice of milk packaging, in 2014 Bio+ requested an LCA study that would answer the question: ‘Which milk packaging has the lowest environmental impact?’

LCA study of milk packaging

In our own laboratory we identified and analysed the raw materials used in different types of milk packaging. We then compared the different types of packaging with each other and advised Bio+ regarding the milk packaging with the lowest environmental impact.

A responsible choice of packaging

As an organic specialist Bio+ wanted to be sure it was using the most responsible packaging. Our LCA study showed very clearly which milk packaging was the least environmentally impactful. Based on this scientific study Bio+ could justify its choice of milk packaging to its suppliers, clients and consumers.

The case history in a nutshell

  • For whom: organic food brand Bio+.
  • What: an LCA study.
  • Why: for clarity regarding the environmental impact of various types of milk packaging.
  • Where: in The LCA Centre’s research laboratory.
  • When: December 2014.