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Oosterbeek Packaging has been a leader in primary packaging for various industries for over 35 years. Oosterbeek supplies packaging for both A-brands and private labels.

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Sustainability is a very important theme for Oosterbeek Packaging and Alpha Packaging. As members of the same group of companies they want to inform their clients as accurately and fully as possible regarding the environmental consequences of their packaging. In 2015 a group of their employees participated in a Life Cycle Thinking training session at The LCA Centre.

Insight into Life Cycle Assessment

In our research centre we explained what a Life Cycle Assessment is to a group of Oosterbeek Packaging and Alpha Packaging sales staff. They gained a greater understanding of the life cycle of packaging and of the factors that influence the environmental impact of a product. This knowledge is now passed on in their communications with their clients.

Giving clients objective information

We also taught them the importance of grounding statements, regarding sustainability and packaging, on facts rather than assumptions. The companies now have a better understanding of the environmental impact of their products and, based on this knowledge, they have further honed their sustainability policy and can provide their clients with objective information about their products.

The case history in a nutshell

  • For whom: packaging supplier Oosterbeek Packaging and packaging manufacturer Alpha Packaging International.
  • What: Life Cycle Thinking training.
  • Why: for insight into Life Cycle Assessment and a different perspective on sustainability.
  • Where: in The LCA Centre’s research laboratory.
  • When: February 2015.