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That more sustainable can also mean less expensive was proven by the LCA study we carried out in 2014 for Oxyma Fulfilment Solutions (OFS) on behalf of its client, KPN. The objective was to gain insight into the environmental impact of the SIM card packaging KPN was using at the time. The results of the study enabled KPN to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging and, at the same time, its manufacturing costs.

LCA study of SIM card packaging

During an extensive laboratory analysis of all the materials we calculated and quantified the environmental impact of the SIM card packaging via our LCA software. We then investigated what was needed to reduce the environmental impact. The results and our advice were presented to Oxyma in a clear and concise report.

Cost savings for KPN

Result: KPN has replaced one component of the SIM card packaging with another type of material that reduces the CO2 emissions by 41%, energy usage by 51% and water usage by 9%. And that multiplied by a million units a year! On top of that, the new material was also cheaper to manufacture, which meant an immediate cost saving for KPN. So lower environmental impact doesn’t always mean more expensive.

The case history in a nutshell

  • For whom: Oxyma Fulfilment Solutions (OFS), on behalf of KPN.
  • What: a LCA study.
  • Why: to acquire insight into the environmental-impact of the then current SIM card packaging.
  • Where: in The LCA Centre’s research laboratory.
  • When: July 2014.