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Wageningen UR investigates problems in three core fields – nutrition and food production, the living environment and health, and lifestyle and living conditions – all over the world.

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Every year, in the Netherlands alone, around 2.5 billion beverage cartons are put on the market. These include cartons for milk, fruit juice and drinking yoghurt. In 2013 Wageningen UR (University & Research centre) conducted an investigation into the recycling of beverage cartons. The LCA Centre was brought in to carry out a supplementary laboratory analysis that would verify the thoroughness of this investigation.

LCA study of toxicology data

In the report that followed its investigation, Wageningen UR included a technical description of four beverage carton collection and recycling chains in the Netherlands. The aspects investigated included the return and the quality of the recycled fibres. But, despite thorough investigation, Wageningen UR was not absolutely sure of the toxicology data that came out of a third parties LCA study.

Lab analysis removes doubts

Wageningen UR brought in the expertise of The LCA Centre. In our laboratory we studied and verified the data generated for Wageningen UR regarding the toxic emissions during the incineration of polypropylene. Our study verified the conclusions and removed Wageningen UR’s doubts regarding the results of its investigation.

The case history in a nutshell

  • For whom: Wageningen UR (University & Research centre).
  • What: lab analysis.
  • Why: to support its investigation into the recycling of beverage cartons.
  • Where: in The LCA Centre’s research laboratory.
  • When: November 2013.