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Finding the perfect packaging for your product is not easy. There are many aspects that have to be considered. Packaging should not only be functional and safe, it also needs to be user friendly, attractive, informative, ergonomic and affordable. Packaging must also comply with the associated legislation and seek to be as sustainable as possible.

Help and support

The LCA Centre isn’t only a research centre, it’s also a knowledge centre. We can help with all your questions regarding packaging and the environment and be your trouble-shooter when it comes to your existing packaging or the development of new packaging. Are you wrestling with certain aspects of your packaging? Do you want to know if your packaging supplier is complying with the ordered specification? Has the composition of the batch changed compared to earlier batches? Do you want to understand why a competitor’s product is cheaper? We offer help with solving packaging related issues and complaints, such as a packaging that breaks or tears, or film that suddenly feels different.

Credible choices

We also advise regarding legislation related to packaging and the environment. We know how important and inspiring a claim can be and we can support you in the formulation of such environmental claims related to your packaging. We can help you develop a credible sustainable packaging policy. That way you can be sure your choices are credible and defendable and that you are as well-prepared as possible.

Do you need advice?

Knowledge is there to be shared and that is what we enjoy doing. Are you challenged with packaging problems? Do you need advice? There’s a very good chance we can help you very quickly. Contact us.

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