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Eco-innovation is the process of designing products that are environmentally efficient. So, when you eco-innovate a product, service or process you are addressing technological, environmental and economic progress.

Experts in packaging eco-innovation

Packaging eco-innovation requires high levels of packaging technology experience coupled with knowledge as to methods by which product and process environmental impact can be reduced. This is the core competence of The LCA Centre; this is our expertise. Making The LCA Centre the specialist in the field of eco-innovation with regard to packaging and disposables.

Make a difference with your packaging

Do you want to introduce new packaging with a lower environmental impact? Do you want to manufacture more efficiently or use more efficient materials? Do you want to make a real difference with your packaging? At The LCA Centre we can help you with practical and reliable advice based on scientific study and analysis. Don’t hesitate to contact us with all your questions related to packaging and the environment.

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