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How Do You Measure Sustainability?

How do you measure sustainability?

Measurement instrumentation and methods, with their agreed standards, are the way we quantify weight, height, length, capacity and other measures. Much the same approach is taken when using LCA to identify and report the environmental impact of packaging and disposables.

Evaluating sustainability by gut feeling

But when it comes to environmental impact people have a tendency to assess a products environmental efficiency based on their perception of what is best. This is derived from what we could call “environmental folklore”; the perception that one material type or end-of-life scenario is better than another. However, the environmental impact of a packaging can, like many other things, simply be measured. The results of taking a product life cycle measurement approach can provide a very different result to that derived from perception.

Measuring means certainty

LCA, or Life Cycle Assessment, is a tool that enables the environmental impact of a product to be quantified. This scientific method ensures you have measurable and verifiable information regarding the environmental impact of your packaging at your disposal.

Stop guessing, start measuring!

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