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Knowing the environmental impact of your packaging choice

We feel increasingly responsible for the future of our planet. We are aware that there are sustainability implications for all products that we use in our daily life. As a packaging developer or supplier, this creates numerous challenges. How do you ensure that all the requirements of a good packaging solution are addressed while making the correct choices from an environmental perspective? The LCA Centre’s independent approach, with no materials or technology bias, provide excellent insight regarding the environmental impact of your packaging choice. The LCA Centre is the ideal partner with whom to future-proof your packaging offering.

Am I doing the right thing?

Stakeholders such as customers, consumers, employees and government are becoming increasingly environmentally aware. Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in their buying decisions. Not only the sustainability of the product itself, but also its packaging. They want to be able to make responsible choices, which means they need certainty regarding the impact of their products and packaging on the environment.

Typical questions that you may ask yourself on this subject are:

  • Are the environmental claims I make related to my packaging correct?
  • Should I opt for PET or for glass?
  • Should I import my packaging from overseas or buy it locally?
  • How do I address the various environmental trends?
  • Am I making the right environmental choices with regard to my packaging?
  • Should I opt for cardboard or plastic?
  • What is the current environmental impact of my packaging?
  • What changes do I need to make to my packaging to make it more environmentally efficient?

The LCA Centre can give you a clear, science-based answer to these and many other questions.

We take a practical approach

As a specialised research centre The LCA Centre carries out well-founded and independent studies of the environmental footprint of your packaging. We test the materials and the functionality and come up with clear, measurable results. With reduced ambiguities and assumptions, our conclusions are practical, understandable and scientifically justifiable. Results upon which strong future-proofed strategies can be developed.

The basis for responsible choices

The results of our independent study will identify what impact your packaging has on the environment. Now you have the relevant and credible information to answer environmental questions regarding your products and to make sound and responsible choices. For PET or glass, for example or for plastic or paper, or for the formulation and publication of a reliable environmental packaging claim.

An important additional USP or sales argument for your product

Companies that find Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) important often have a Life Cycle Assessment carried out on their product. These companies cannot afford to make unjustified environmental claims about the packaging of such product. Using an LCA study you will be able to provide your customers with reliable environmental information. Providing a strong and valuable additional sales argument for your product.

Advice about cost-saving and eco-innovation

LCA is an important tool when it comes to eco-innovation. It often shows that a lower environmental impact can also result in lower costs. Our advice allows you to pin point and address the hot spots where most of the environmental impact, and often also costs, occur. A different raw material, a different supplier or a small adjustment in the manufacturing method can often lead to a substantial cost saving.

Advice about environmental claims

You can’t make an unfounded environmental claim about a product or packaging. Publishing a misleading environmental claim statement could lead to retaliation by the Advertising Standards Authority with the associated negative impact on your goodwill and credibility. The LCA Centre will help you with the formulation of defendable and credible environmental claims. The final responsibility regarding your statements rests with you, which is why you can count on our expertise in translating the conclusion of the study into a valuable environmental message for your customers.

Future proof

The LCA Centre’s LCA study provides you the security of knowing the environmental impact of your packaging. It also gives you the assurance that you are making responsible choices, that your costs will remain manageable and that your environmental claims are well-founded. Assurance for you, your partners, your employees and your customers, now and in the future.

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