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ISO certificated research centre

The LCA Centre is an ISO certificated research centre. This means that we work entirely in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 9001:2008. It gives you the assurance that our study method is standardised and that our work takes a client-oriented approach. Our own analysis software, paLCAs, also meets the specified standards for the determination of an LCA (such as ISO 14040, 14044 and PAS2050).

Complying with international standards

If you cross the border with your products you will be obliged to comply with international legislation and regulations. For example, with ISO 14044:2006 (stipulations and guidelines for life cycle analysis) and ISO 14025:2010 (environmental-labelling and declarations). Both are mandatory in many countries outside the Netherlands. We compile our reports in such a way that, if you follow our recommendations, you comply with the international ISO 14044 and ISO 14025 standards.

Certainty regarding environmental claims

Anyone who wants to make the study results public can, therefore, very simply show that their packaging and disposables have been studied in accordance with international standards. We will also advise you regarding environmental claims and other related publications so they can be communicated both within and outside the Netherlands without worries.

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