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The relevance of The LCA Centre

The LCA Centre is an independent and transparent research centre that can help you identify the environmental impact of your packaging. Nowhere else in the world will you find our combination of LCA expertise, extensive knowledge of packaging technology and in-house laboratory facilities. This makes The LCA Centre the specialist when it comes to the comprehensive identification of the environmental impact of your packaging and disposables.

Why The LCA Centre?

If you want to be clear about the effect your packaging or disposable item has on the environment, if you need help with the development of new packaging or the improvement of an existing packaging, if you want advice about environmental claims, then The LCA Centre is the right place to go.

This makes The LCA Centre unique:

  • We specialise in packaging and disposables.
  • Our independent studies are carried out in our own materials identification laboratory.
  • Qualified and knowledgeable packaging production expertise.
  • Our own analysis software (paLCAs) guarantees an accurate conclusion.
  • The LCA method is supported by the Natuur & Milieu Foundation and is ISO:14040 and 14044 compliant.
  • The LCA Centre is ISO 9001:2008 certificated and works in accordance with international guidelines.
  • Our LCA approach can also be used as input to various other credible LCA tools.

How do we work?

The LCA Centre takes a four stage approach as follows:

  • Stage 1: Laboratory testing of the functional specification of the packaging, this is especially important when comparing between packaging options designed for the same functionality.
  • Stage 2: Laboratory identification of the material composition of the packaging item, this further establishes the production processes associated with the packaging item.
  • Stage 3: Input to our packaging-LCA tool and calculation
  • Stage 4: Interpretation of the results in the form of a comprehensive report.

What else can we do for you?

Our packaging technology and packaging LCA expertise can be further used to:

  • Identify the environmental impact of comparable (competitive) products.
  • Investigate how you can reduce the environmental impact of your packaging.
  • Analyse the consequences of the packaging choices on the pack contents and identify the changes that could most positively influence the environmental impact.
  • Identify where in the life cycle you could save money, for example by choosing a different raw material, supplier or manufacturing method.
  • Advise you on the formulation of environmental claims for the packaging and disposable items that we have studied.
  • Offer support with the development of packaging and disposable items with a verifiable lower environmental impact (eco-innovation).
  • Create Product Environmental Footprints (PEFs) or environmental data sheets for your packaging.
  • Organise workshops and training courses that will throw new light on packaging and the environment for all your stakeholders.
  • Advise you on establishing a sustainable packaging policy.
  • Carry out LCA ‘quick scans’ for an indication of the environmental impact of your packaging.
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